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Tha Big MP:
I am looking for some sound files that I can put into my tournament.

I'm hoping to find a person's voice saying "one minute remaining" or something to that effect.

Can anyone help me out?

I have that.

Love it  ;D

What do others use as sound for their tourneys?  I use a cattle call type of sound when there's one minute left in the break and then the wsop banjo theme at the end of the break itself.  I'm going use this one minute remaining wav for the rounds.

Any others with cool sound themes?

Well, I have a whole run of those sounds.  Here's how a typical round goes for our tournaments:

"Twenty minutes to go"
"Fifteen minutes to go"
"Ten minutes to go"
"Five minutes to go"
"Three minutes to go"
"One minutes to go"
"Thirty seconds to go"
"Ten seconds to go"
"Five seconds"
Microsoft sound - TADA (from Windows XP) plays for the end of the round.  Players have told me that this sound seems to happy for the raising of the blinds, but we all love it anyway.

For the end of the game, I have Strong Bad saying "It's over!" for normal tournaments, and an hockey air horn (the one you hear when the home team scores) for major tournaments.

You can use this website to create spoken wav files.  However, they may sound a bit robotic.


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