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I have ran and saved six tournaments now under a new season. However i cannot create all the stats into a league as three of the tournaments are uncompleted. How do i load up these tournaments to complete them and save the stats. the tournaments were finished I just didn't re do them by un buying all the players so the computer thinks they are uncompleted. If someone could help it would be much appreciated as people are keen to see their stats.

Pr Rainier:
Hi Janpan,

You can keep a copy of your completed tournaments in a separate location. I've run a league for seven years and organize it like this:

Main League Folder
     Season # Folder
          Tournament 1 Folder
               Tournament 1.tdf
               Additional files (sign-in sheet, post-tournament results, etc.)
          Tournament 2, 3, 4 (etc.) Folder
          Completed Tournaments
               Tournament 1-Complete.tdf
               Tournament 2-Complete.tdf

After each game, save a copy of the tournament into the "Completed Tournaments" folder. When you run your league stats, you can point it at this folder and maintain the integrity of the rest of your season.

Hope this helps,


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