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Help Me / per-player rake
« on: December 12, 2010, 04:00:11 PM »
WE charge a  fixed donation fee per game per player if $5. thsi is on top of the game fee. Tis is to pay for equipment, and to put on a free roll for all members at the end of a season.
Uptill now guest have always been charged the same fee.
Until now i have put this amount into the per-player rake
How can i do this now as the rake will be different for members and guest?
thanks in advance

Help Me / Locking Seats and Table collapse
« on: November 25, 2010, 08:01:26 AM »
i have just ran a small tournament. with 35 players. We had 6 tables of 8 seats.
I was playing in the tournament. So I locked my self into seat 1 on table 1. Because this was the nearest table to the computer and electric points.
 I had the table collapse order set so that table 5 would finished first then, 4,3,2 and lastly table 1.
Soon 3 were eliminated, down to 4 tables of 8 players so Table 5 was eliminated first. Then we lost 3 players.
Then i was in a hand and knocked out 4 people out in one hand.
When I eliminated the players from the game.
The suggested movements came up and it had moved everyone from table 1. Including myself. I had been moved to seat 1 table 3. There was still a locked sign next to my name.
any idea of why it split table 1, any idea of why it moved me?
thanks in advance

Help Me / Finding when the final table will be made
« on: November 18, 2010, 05:12:13 AM »
I will shortly be running a freezeout/bounty tournament

  • 64 players maximum, each with 10000 starting stack.
  • total chips in play 640,000
  • 8 * 8-seater tables.

I have attached a copy of the blind levels as a jpeg file
The tournament will start at 12:30 and i want it to finish no later than 10:00pm.

What i would like to know is there someway of calculating
  • when the final table will be reached?
  • what the small and big blinds will be at the final table
  • How long will the final table last?
What do others think of this structure?
  • Is it to tight/loose
  • Will it turn into an all in fest?
I would be very obliged if someone can look at this for me and give me there thoughts and any suggestions
Many thanks in advance

Suggestions / Points
« on: October 27, 2010, 07:26:37 AM »
If you are running different leagues,different games.  The points structures that you use may need to be different. As you already have some place to save images, templates etc.

Why not set up a way to  save the current point systems  from within the points for playing section into a dedicated save folder.

General Discussion / Leagues
« on: October 27, 2010, 05:44:53 AM »
Running 2 separate  leagues, one on a Tuesday and one on Friday. These are 10 week leagues.
not all players play in both leagues.
each person plays 2.00 a week for  each league.
Now we are going to run a separate league ( over 12 months) comprising of both leagues, to buy into casino games. (this will cost members an extra 2.00)
Comprising members from both nights.

However not every body plays in both leagues and not every one wants to be in the casino league
Is there any way of setting this up. so that when running a tournament, we can allocate points to both leagues at the same time.
hope any one who reads this understands what i mean.
thanks in advance

General Discussion / Blind Levels
« on: October 26, 2010, 08:04:58 AM »
Running a tournament soon. Freezeout with a bounty on each head
Max players 64
starting stack 10,000 8 seat tables
Set to run 8.5 - 9.5 hours. fairly strict finish time.

I have attached a picture of the blind levels i have chosen. Can you tell me what u think of this blind structure and the length of the levels, breaks etc

Has anyone got any experience of a freezeout/bountyhunter and its effects on a tournament.

Does it speed it up or down, the number of players leaving the game. and what effects that would make to the finish time.  ???

with 640,000 chips in play. looking at an avge stack at  FT will be 80, 000.

At what levels should the final table be reached?

I was looking at Final Table blinds to be :- SB 2000 - BB 4000 giving an average of 20 Big blinds
I hope that you can all understand what i want to achieve.

Many thanks in advance

Help Me / The more i read
« on: October 13, 2010, 04:19:52 PM »
The more i realise that i have just scratched the surface of the Tournament Director.
Only had it a few weeks and only ran a couple of tournament. worked great.
Just messing about has helped me to learn a lot of thing that i didn't even think could be done.

Nearly getting the basic formulaes right.
But i would like to see how others have done things.
Has anyone done any videos that show how things are done.
* events
* tokens
* alter layouts
*design logos

Many thanks

Help Me / Additional points for final Table
« on: October 13, 2010, 04:11:29 PM »
At present i am just running a basic points formulae which is n-r+10
Getting somewhere in the region of 48 players. What i would like to do is;
finish 41 - 50 get these points as per the formulae
finish 31 - 40 get an extra 10 points above the last level
finish 21 - 30 get an extra 10 points above the last level
finish 11 - 20 get an extra 10 points above the last level
finish  1 -10   get an extra 10 points above the last level ( on these numbers only the top 8 would make the money)
but i would also like to give the
1st place finisher 100 points
2nd place finisher 80 points and the 10 point less for each of the top 8 finishers
so the 8th place finisher would receive 20 points

I dont know if this makes any sense, i hope it does. and i hope some one can point me in the right direction.
The idea is that the better people do the more points they make, so that even if someone gets short stacked they will still try and play to earn the extra  points

Thanks in advance

Help Me / The Help Pages
« on: August 26, 2010, 09:12:31 AM »
Hi all,
just bought TD and its working great ran a few mock tournaments, no problems at all with it. Ran a couple of MTT's and everyone was impressed.
By reading this forum, i can see that all i have done is just scraped at the surface.
i can see that its a very versatile tool which can only improve the more times that i use it.

The help files are very good and very informative. But thats my trouble. I hate reading things from a computer.

I find that i can absorb more information by  reading things in a book form. When looking for something specific, i can refer to  the book. If I am reading a book and want to try something new, having  the book on hand to  refer to is great.

Anyway, what i am trying to say has anyone got a copy of the help files in a Microsoft word document form. That they could put up for others to down load. That for me would be a godsend.

What we need is a Tournament Director for Dummies Book. Definitley buy that.

Once again, thanks in advance

Is there anyway that i can ccopy the text in the help files and paste to a word doc?

Help Me / Blinds Schedule page
« on: August 04, 2010, 05:54:42 PM »
After running several tournaments with the 1.0 version, which incidentally, was a great piece of software
I have taken the plunge and bought the latest version.
It looks great, ran a few basic dummy tournaments and it worked a treat.
The first thing that i would like to ask advice on  is on the Blind Levels display page.

When running a basic tournament with no re-buys and no add ons, how do i stop the limit 1 and limit 2 columns from being displayed.

I have tried removing these on the rounds page using the columns button and remove them  and stop them from being displayed.

This version seems to have everything that i need  albeit complicated ( well for me! - a computer Illiterate), with regards to setting up a points system, screens etc.

But i can learn all be it slowly.
Do you know if there are any Videos on YouTube, for example. that can show some some tips.

Also would it be possible to get another persons tournament data, so that i could uploaded it to my computer so that i can learn from those.

If it is at all possible.

I expect that you have several post like this already, So many thanks in advance for any suggestions or comments. And also for your patience in reading this letter.

I am sure that this will only be the first of many posts as i am eager to learn and hopefully in time i will be able to add my input to what seems to be a dedicated bunch of Tournament Director enthusiasts

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