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General Discussion / Big Blind Tournaments
« on: February 11, 2020, 06:01:23 PM »
 Has anyone ever done a Tournament using a Big Blind Format. I having a problem looking for a answer here is a example.

     We started with 10 players we are now down to 5 players. The small blinds are $200 and the big blind is $400 and the big blind ante is $800 which is the ante for the whole table. Everyone calls the big blind except chair 7 who only has $100 left and goes all in. So that is 4 players $400 and 1 Player at $100 plus the big blind ante which was $800 for a total of $2500. So the all in player would get $500 from the blinds and $500 from the big blind ante for a total of $1000 if he wins, or would he get $500 from the blinds and all the big blind ante $800 for a total of $1300 since everyone has been putting in the big blind ante for the table as the game moves on.

Thanks Vernon

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