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Help Me / Opening new files in old TTD
« on: January 23, 2018, 01:26:22 AM »
I usually prepare the tournaments at my computer at home where I have version 3.4.2 installed and then bring the file with me to the club. But since we got the out memory issues when running on Windows 10 in the club we decided to go back to Windows 7 and use TTD v3.3.

I prepared the tournament as usual at home and brought it to the club but it gave an error when I tried to open it. The error message was not very helpful either, it said "There was a problem loading the tournament." Can I see exactly what the problem is in a log somewhere?
Or even vetter; do you already know the problem?

Is there an easy fix for this? Like manually remove some parameters in the file.

Will it work if I change to v3.3.1 at home? With that I wonder if the file will work on v3.3 att the club.

Help Me / Random movement
« on: January 05, 2018, 09:01:37 AM »
Is it possible to trigger a random movement of a player from one table to another? Preferably not when all seats are taken and not when all tables have the same amount of players.

An example:
When there are 2 tables left, one with 6 players and one with 7 players, the program randomly selects a player from the table with 7 players and move him to the table with 6 players every 15 minutes.


Help Me / Edit Mini-Clock
« on: December 07, 2017, 05:36:20 PM »
Is it possible to edit the Mini-clock to show sb, bb and ante?
If it is possible, how do I do it?


Help Me / Tables partly cover each other on Table tab
« on: February 09, 2015, 02:14:23 PM »
I have a strange problem with the Tables tab on one of the computers I use TTD on.
When I have several tables in my tournament and not have the window wide enough the second row of tables covers the top row of table from just below table 7. On my home computer it works fine, it looks like this:

On the computer at our club it isn't working good at all. Since I haven't got any picture of it I have manipulated a picture so you get an idea about how it looks. Here is the edited picture:

Is there a setting I have messed up on the computer at the club or what is wrong?
As it is I can't do anything with seat 8 and 9, not drag the players, not make the seat unavailable and so on. Nothing happens if you click on the tables and you can't drag them anywhere.
It is a bit annoying and we have to do workarounds to solve what ever we want to do with the seats.

Help Me / Secondary sorting column in Stats-tab
« on: February 09, 2015, 01:58:58 PM »
Is it possible to have a secondary sort in the Stats-column? Or even third for that matter.

As example, if I get the stats on all my tournaments saved on the Stats-tab in TTD and click on the header for Final Tables it sorts up the ones with most final tables as it should, but it seems like the secondary sorting always is on reversed alphabetical order. It would be great if you first could click on Name so everybody gets sorted in alphabetical order, then click on Final Table and it will now sort on Final Table but for the ones that have the same amount of Final Tables are displayed in alphabetical order on Name since it was the second last column you pressed.

The example above is something we use for displaying statistics on our web page, but as it is now I have to sort the order every time I update the statistics since it looks better if it is in the logical alphabetical order.


Help Me / Problem with data store on mapped network drive
« on: January 29, 2012, 01:08:14 PM »
I have some problem with having my default data store on a mapped network drive. The network drive is on my NAS and is working without problem. It is also possible to set the data store as I want it but I have to do a work around every time I restart my computer.

1) This is what I get every time I start TTD3 after a restart of my computer when I have the data store active on my NAS.

2) When I go to the Data Store tab it looks like this.

3) When I try to set the Data Store on my NAS as active I get this.

4) To make it work I have to right click and edit the path to the data store and set it to the same directory on the NAS.

5) When I have done that the Data Store work without any problem.

If I close TTD3 and start it again the Data Store is active and work as it should. If I restart the computer and start TTD3 I am back at 1).
Is there any way I can make it work all the time?


Suggestions / Final table size
« on: February 10, 2011, 05:26:26 AM »

I have a request for 2.6, if it not already is included.
Make it possible to set the number of seats at the final table.

We start our tournaments with 8 seats at every table but we want to have 9 seats at the final table, the reason is to avoid to much short-handed play.
As it is now we have to create one table with 9 seats and make one seat unavailable, when we get down to 2 tables we manually have to make that seat available. Either that or we simply add another seat to a table when we get down to 2 tables. It would be great if TD could change the final table size automatically when it is time for it.


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