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I understand the frustration surrounding this issue.  I was finally able to reproduce this issue only very recently, and the solution that worked for me has not, so far, worked for anyone else.  I've been debating for some time whether I'll have to bite the bullet and create a new application container for the TD, but it's going to require a big commitment in terms of development focus.  At the moment I'm working on updating the TD's font size throughout the application, which has turned out to be a huge commitment as well.

I understand.  I have certainly gotten way more than my moneys worth with your excellent program.

If you did decide to make a fully compatible Windows 10 version, I would gladly pay for it.  In the meantime, I'm going to just keep track of points in a spreadsheet, and use TD for the clock functionality.

Beta Testing / Re: 3.4 beta 1
« on: October 24, 2015, 09:38:00 AM »
Not sure if this is useful or not, but I downloaded 3.4b1 to see if it would resolve my Windows 10 "Load and save" issues, but no luck.   During start-up, it loads the Game Screen, but the Settings Screen never comes up and you can't get it to load by right-clicking the game screen and selecting from the pop-up screen either.

Also - looks like Norton AV has ID'd the install program (tournamentdirector34b1.exe) as a threat for "reputation". 

Help Me / Re: Windows 10 Question
« on: October 24, 2015, 09:08:31 AM »
I am running TD 3.3 on a laptop that I will have to replace in the near future.  Since all the new laptops are running Windows 10, will I run into any issues trying to run TD?? I have been using this great program for several years, and really appreciate all of the great help available in this forum.

It worked fine for me for one month after installing Windows 10, but the next time I went to use it I had the issues with the load and save buttons that seem to be relatively common.  You may want to keep your old laptop to run TD3 on if you can. 


Your help with fixing this problem is greatly appreciated.  I plan on hosting a tournament this Friday and I hope this can be fixed soon since everyone enjoys the TD program which I have been using since 2011.

+ 1 - Really hoping to be able to continue using TD3 as it's the perfect program for my home game and tournament series, but rolling back my OS is not a reality as my machine overall runs so much better with Windows 10. 

I am able to get it to create a new tournament format for our game by using the "New Tournament - Create a tournament using an old tournament format" capability and then cutting-and-pasting an old filename into that box to get around the fact that the load button doesn't work.  That allows me to actually run a tournament with the clocks/sounds/etc. that I want. 

However, without the ability to save the tournament, I lose the ability to track stats and player points which is important as we have an annual championship points race. 

Help Me / Re: Auto save will not enable
« on: April 05, 2013, 07:25:58 PM »
OK, went back and uninstalled the Internet Explorer Version 10 upgrade and that solved the issue for me.

Help Me / Re: Auto save will not enable
« on: April 05, 2013, 05:40:48 PM »
Tried disabling the security checks on every active x control with no love  >:(

Help Me / Re: Auto save will not enable
« on: April 05, 2013, 04:13:53 PM »
I have the same problem and have a tourney in two hours. Need help right away

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