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Title: Chop Points not adding up Correctly
Post by: randerson044 on March 17, 2019, 07:48:49 PM

I use the following points system.

10 points for where ever you finish.
Example in a 10 person tournament.
First Place gets a 100 points and last gets 10 points.

10 points for finishing in the money

Negative 10 points for rebuying
You can finish the night with negative points

If I am correct the formula should read this.

((10 * (n - r + 1)) + if(inTheMoney, 10 * (inTheMoneyRank - r + 1)) - (10 * (numberOfRebuys)))

In my last tournament we had 12 people playing.

1st and 2nd Chopped.
The points should be 125 per a player.

Tournament Director is giving each player 160 points.

What am I doing wrong.

This also happened in my first tournament.

Any help would be greatly accepted.
Title: Re: Chop Points not adding up Correctly
Post by: Corey Cooper on March 19, 2019, 09:24:21 AM
I'm currently on vacation, so I've only quickly gone over the formula, but it looks OK to me.

When players chop, you can control how they ultimately rank.  By default, chopping players will tie for the specific rank.  For example, if the final two players chop they will tie for 1st place (and there will be no player ranking 2nd).  Prizes and points are awarded based on this rank, so if you have a Points for Playing formula configured, both players will be computed having 1st place rank.

On the Chop dialog, you can control the ranking.  On the right side of the dialog is a column for Ranking, which has an input for "Relative" and next to it displays the actual ranking.  The Relative can hold any numeric value, positive or negative.  This simply controls the final ordering of the players.  For example, if you give one player a relative rank of 0 (zero) and the other a relative rank of 1 (or 2 or 10 or 1000), the first player will be ranked 1st and the 2nd player will be ranked 2nd.  Give the first player a relative rank of 2 and the second player a relative rank of 1 and their actual ranking will swap.  Give them both the same value and they will tie.
Title: Re: Chop Points not adding up Correctly
Post by: randerson044 on March 23, 2019, 12:19:17 PM
If my math is right the two players who chopped should get 125 points not 160.
Title: Re: Chop Points not adding up Correctly
Post by: randerson044 on March 23, 2019, 03:37:19 PM

I figured what was wrong if you could please tell me how to fix it.

The points system is off. The program is giving each money finish extra points instead of just ten points.
Every person in the money should get an extra 10 points.

The program is giving 4th place 10 points
3rd place 20 points
2nd place 30 points
1st place 40 points
All players in money should get 10 points.

When I chop points it is giving both people 1st place and chopping two 1st place points.
I want it to chop just 1st and 2nd place points.
If you look at the screen shot I posted earlier, you should be able to understand what I am trying to say.

In a 12 person tournament with 1st and 2nd chopped the points should look like this.

1st 125
1st 125
3rd 110
4th 100
5th 80
6th 70
7th 60
8th 50
9th 40
10th 30
11th 20
12th 10

and negative 10 points for any rebuys.

Thank you for the awesome program that I have used for many years and thank you for all your help.
Title: Re: Chop Points not adding up Correctly
Post by: Corey Cooper on March 25, 2019, 01:01:23 PM
The "in the money" part of the formula is this:

if(inTheMoney, 10 * (inTheMoneyRank - r + 1))

This does indeed give 10 points for each successive rank which is "in the money".  That is, the lowest rank that is in the money gets 10 points, the next lowest rank that is in the money gets 20 points, etc.  So, for a tournament with 4 ranked prizes, 4th place gets 10 points, 3rd place gets 20 points, 2nd place gets 30 points, and 1st place gets 40 points.  This is in addition to the points allotted by the other part of the formula.

If you want all players "in the money" to simply get an additional 10 points, that part of the formula should be changed to:

if(inTheMoney, 10)

This actually is probably a little confusing when trying to test it in the Points for Playing Formula dialog.  That's because when you use the "Test Range" feature, all of the variables (except rank) remain the same.  "inTheMoney" should only be "true" for ranks 1-4 (in your example), but when testing it will be "true" for all players.  So you want be able to see the points "jump" from 5th place to 4th place.  Try this formula:

(10 * (n - r + 1)) + if(rank <= inTheMoneyRank, 10) - (10 * numberOfRebuys)

This is actually the same formula, but we've replaced "inTheMoney" with "rank <= inTheMoneyRank", which is actually the equivalent to "inTheMoney".  While the first form is correct and will work just fine, it's harder to test.  But either form is the same formula.