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buy-in new player question
« on: November 14, 2007, 09:44:06 PM »
If I am setting up a tourney and have a new player come in who is not in my database, do I have to go through 2 operations to get the player into the database and then buy that person in?  Or is there a way I can't see to do it all at once.

I know it isn't much, but it seems like the quickest way to do this is from the players tab to "New Player" and check the box to add the player to the database, then after filling in the New Player fields I would then right click on the new player and do a quick buy-in??

Is that the fastest way?

As a suggestion it would be nice if it could all be done in 1 operation from the buy-in players dialog box.

When I am about to start a tourney I open this dialog box and as people come in I just check their names off in the buy-in box.  But, if I get a new player, I need to close this dialog box, then do the "new player" operation, then move back to the buy-in players dialog box.  And yes, I know that I could just quick add everybody, but for whatever reason I find it easier to just click one checkbox than to right click a player and then quick-buy them in.  With the checkbox, then I have a visual note to make sure I added the correct person.  Once I right click on someone to do the quick buy-in, then I can't be sure I am buying in the correct person.

Just some musings.