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heres my tourney file layouts and 3 pretourney layouts
youll notice the logo and ads at bottom panels, and results in pretourney3
My son is running leagues here and have to wait till they restart as the point system has to change, MNPL complained we were assigning 10 pts to all not 'in the money' like they do, so we have to stop under threat of lawsuit, have changed points system to fall smack in middle of MNPL and poker worlds points with changes in math that seem to make a more fair system.
If anyone would like a similar logo or add banner, just yell, I'll do them for a reasonable $20 each in most formats you want.

I have already made a cool logo but I dont know how to get it in the program so I can see it... Can anyone help me?

Looks Great Dave,

Can I ask a favor... any chance you can post the script for your "Rules" here?

I'm Not too adept at all the line breaks , fonts etc programming.... 

Looks like run-of-the-mill unordered list.  Provided he doesn't post his actual code, this should work for you:

<li>First rule here</li>
<li>Second rule here</li>
<li>Third rule here</li>

If you want your rules numbered instead of bullets, you can replace

<ul> and </ul>


<ol> and </ol>

the rules are ones that came already set up with TD 2.0, I just added in a few needed lines for our region,
yep just run of the mill, condensed, canned rules, no salt, no MSG, no special html code


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