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Does anyone have the sound file for the "Money money money" like either Donald Trump uses or Ted DiBiase from the WWF uses? I'd like to add it to my collection for when we hit the money :)

Its at the bottom of this page, theres two.......

Ok... I've got another I've been looking all over for... Remember Press Your Luck from the early 90s, the Whammy buzzer and the audio that would play afterwards? Haven't been able to find any myself...

And Thanks, Timmer, however delayed it may be, for the assist on my prior one :)

not sure if this is the one your looking for.      edit....heres a somewhat funny one

I have plenty of audio clips on my web site, and theme music too. Check it out and keep whatever you need/want.
right click each link and Save As.
The "Loser" from ace ventura for the first bust could be hilarious


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