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Corey Cooper:
Since I've gotten a few inquiries, I thought I'd update everyone one what's going on for the next version.  The biggest effort was making the software translatable, and this took several months of coding.  Now that it is finished, I've started on new features.  I have to say, adding features is a lot more fun than internationalizing the software...

Here's a short list of what has already been added:

* The Tournament Director is now able to be translated
* Added switch() and assign() functions to points formulas
* Players not bought-in can now be seated
* Cash and Points adjustments to players not bought-in now possible (and take effect on Stats)
* "Income Sources" now expanded to cover everything, including bounty chips; also accessible for the current tournament as well as the Stats
* Added stat displaying the number of times a player has reached the final table
* "Next Round" and "Previous Round" now ask for confirmation before proceeding
* Players can be added to the tournament directly from the Database tab
* Players in the tournament are highlighted on the Database tab
* Added options to Seating Chart page to alternate colors of each row (in List Format), and column names now remain visible on the screen when the list is scrolled
* Added sounds Import to quickly create sounds from a folder full of music files
* Added "showPoints" and "showCash" attributes to <rankings> token
* Added <totalrake> token displaying the total collected rake
* Added actions to <tdbutton> token to go to Player Rankings page, Seating Chart page
* Added attribute to <buyin> token to include bounty chip cost
* Added <unseated> token with the current count of unseated players
* Added column "Hits" to <seatingchart> token display
* Added preferences to pause at the start of rounds, and to pause at the start of breaks
* Added a feature to choose a random player
* Added a feature to randomly choose dealers (randomly places the dealer button at each table)
* Added a sound event that plays continuously while the clock is paused
* Added ability to temporarily mute any sound event
* Added preference to auto-save when "important" things happen in the tournament, such as players buying-in, busting-out, etc.
* Numerous bug fixes
No promises on what else will go in or how much more... I pretty much re-evaluate the to-do list every day that I code.

Whoo Hoo!

I would be happy to test out the best version when available  :)

I hope that the "next round" (<ctrl N> type thing I assume) and "previous round" confirmation before preceeding will be optional configuration.  I skip around the rounds willy nilly when either testing out layouts or in tourneys when I need to make an adjustment (need to speed up tourney so I just skip a round say).  Would hate to have to confirm every time I did this (although I see the utility of it in some instances possibly).

Looks like great feature additions.  thanks Corey

I am a bit dissapointed it doesnt make the tea during the break  ;)

I am in favor of adding the making-of-tea-during-break feature (coffee also please, no mocha skim latte feature needed at this time).

Would hope for that option of not including seconds in the "time out" field for player rankings (or wherever).  Just trying to save myself some space on those screens, but understand if that has to wait for future versions.

Awesome. Just awesome. In this age of shoddy software it is a pleasure to run a highly functional program. We have been using TD for all of our events for almost 2 years now, best software I ever registered. Thanks for the continued updates...

PS. Skip the tea & coffee feature, if it could fetch me a beer between rounds that would be brilliant.   


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