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Is It Possible?
« on: February 14, 2007, 11:07:06 PM »
This is a weird question and I am sorry ahead of time.  We usually play 2 tournaments every Friday night. Usually last 2-2.5 hours each. We recently decided to begin playing Omaha, which some people do not agree with. My question is with my blinds 20 minutes in length, is there anyway to run 2 tourny's at once???? The people that play just Hold em get bored while watching Omaha. So I was wondering if this was possible... 1st 20 min Hold em...switch to different chips and different tourny for 2nd 20 mins. for Omaha.. and back and forth. Have two 1st rounds, two 2nd rounds, and so on. The players that play Hold em and Omaha would play the entire time, while the ones that just play Hold em would play every other round. This would still keep it 2 tourny's, keep everyone happy, and it would be a little change.  Do ya'll understand? Thanks


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Re: Is It Possible?
« Reply #1 on: February 14, 2007, 11:48:19 PM »
I can't think of how you would keep the buy-in and pay-outs etc straight not to mention the bust-out stuff trying to run two tourny's at the same time with-in one loaded copy of TD.  An idea i had, and just tested, failed.  I thought maybe loading two copy's of TD, and just alt-tab from one to the other as you changed games.  But TD will only load once.  I even tried to copy TD into a second folder on a diff drive and get it to load again from there, but it won't.  It sees that it is already loaded and just switches you to that program when you try to load a second.

Another idea that should work fine is this.  Load and start tourny one.   After round one, pause and save it.  Then load and start Tourny two.  After round one is over, pause and save it.  Then load Tourny one again and it will start from where you left off.  In fact, if you have it set to auto pause at the end of each round then you don't need to pause it.  Just save it and load the next tourny.  Just be sure you give both Tourny's a diff name so your not over writing one.