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Is there a way to import tournaments you ran in the previous version of TD?

Well, I know you can import display templets alright, but I've never actually tried importing old tournaments.  I'm thinking they probably wouldn't work simply because of the amount of new options in version 2.0.  The settings are so different from 1.3 to 2.0.

You can upload old tournaments.  But you will have to use the problems buttons and fix everything to match the new version.

Corey Cooper:
Version 2.0 will definitely load your tournaments from 1.3.5 (and earlier).  It will automatically convert as much as it can to the new format.  There are a number of areas you'll want to possibly check/update after it does the automatic conversion:

1 - Players: Obviously there was no database in previous versions, so none of the players will be database players.  However, upon loading the tournament, the TD will attempt to match players in the tournament with players in your database.  The good thing here is that if you go through the steps of converting one 1.3.x tournament, and adding those players to the database, then when you convert other tournaments, the TD should be able to automatically match players with players in your database.  Assuming of course you use the same names for players across different tournaments.

2 - Prizes: Prizes had a name and a value in 1.3.x, so they were never actually "awarded" to players.  The TD will attempt to determine which prizes go with which ranks, and convert them to ranked prizes so they are automatically "awarded".  You should definitely check to make sure it made the right assumptions after converting your tournament.

3 - Layouts: Layouts will import, but Tim is right, especially here.  If you actually want to use a layout you've imported from 1.3.x, you'll probably want to do some work on it, as the layouts are much more extensive in 2.0.
I seem to have a problem running stats on my saved tourneys. For some reason the tourneys all load, but the total cost is incorrect. It doesn't seem to load all the buy-ins. What do I need to do for TD2 to load the total cost correctly?


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