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I think I found a bug?



Not sure whether I have found a bug or not?

I set up a  tournament with 3 tables of 10 seats each.
On the night only 11 people turned up, so in the tables tab I right clicked on table 2 and 3 and deleted them, then I right clicked on table 1 and changed the number of seats to 11.  Everything looked ok.  I bought the players in and seated them.  The tables tab and the seating chart showed 1 table of 11 players.

However when I started the tournament myTournament page main screen has a "tables" cell (Tables<br><tables>) and instead of showing 11x1 tables it showed 6x1 and 5x1.  Once the first player busted out it changed to 10x1.

Is this a bug, or did I miss somthing when I changed the number and size of tables from 10x3tables to 11x1table?


Corey Cooper:


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