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I think I'll have to buy this!


Well, I was a bit concerned about paying for v1.3 because there hadn't been any (public) updates in such a long time.  I didn't know about the beta version 2 in the works so I was heavily leaning to buying another vendor's product.

Well, now that I know that TD is actively being supported, I think I'll pony up the $25 and make myself legal.  This new version is a LOT more complicated than the old one, so I'll have to spend some time figuring out the screen layouts and such, but I think it's a great program.

One of the things I like about TD is the one-time purchase fee.  I host very few games, and paying monthly for a subscription really doesn't fit my needs.

I'll be testing it out on Saturday with a 9 player tourney (perhaps a couple more) consisting of my boss, his wife, and a bunch of our co-workers.

I'll check back with the results.  (Last year it ended heads-up with me vs. the boss.  I busted him.  ;D)

You busted your Boss and still has a job ;D

As i wrote earlier we played in a 60 player tourney with this application, with no issues i can only say go ahead!


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