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background image change?
« on: January 26, 2007, 11:50:43 AM »
New to this. Use tournament director in my weekly tournament (30-60 players) basically for the clock and blind aspect only...and to display payouts but other than that I don't have the time to sign in every player at registration or remove them from tables. How do you set it up so there's just one image in the back ground...say like the "background" template that comes standard. What do I need to do to change that image to one of mine? thx
ps everybody loves this program because the information is so easy to see.


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Re: background image change?
« Reply #1 on: January 26, 2007, 01:44:54 PM »
Check section 13.6 of the help file.

It tells you how to make a image file show up as the background of the layout (you will likely have to/want to "override all background colors" and "override all borders".

Its pretty slick.

In a smaller tournament you should try doing all the buy-ins and bust outs.  gathering all the stats adds a really neat dimension to tournaments.  The players who bust out earlier always like me to email them the tourney results (which I bundle with cumulative league results onto one page and send to all participants).

I always buy-in and seat my players before they arrive (remember, you can do multiple people all at once). 

If I am unsure of some people coming, then I leave them off until they show up and quickly buy them in (it doesn't take long and you can do multiple people at once).  Or, if I have an idea someone is coming I just buy them in and seat them.  I can always unbuy them during the first break or sooner if need be.

Then, during the tourney, the only thing you have to do is bust out players and it is really a very quick operation (well, on my ancient laptop it does take maybe 15-20 seconds).  All that is required is to hit the "X" key, click on the busted out player check box and who busted them out, then go back to the tourney.  If I had a normal computer I bet I could do a bust out in less than 10 seconds easily.

You can easily show somone else you trust how to do this operation in case you are occupied.