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I'm wondering if there is a way to have a random sound played when a player is knocked out. The regular event is easy enough to set up, but I'd like a different sound to play with each knockout. I realize I can set up a sound for each place knocked out, but that's a little more work than I'm willing to do  :)

Having the ability to select a folder full of sounds and have the event choose one at random would be amazing.

Corey Cooper:
This can be done today, but unfortunately isn't as easy as simply selecting a folder (it should be, though).  You'll still need to import all the sounds you wish to choose from.  That's easy enough.  Press the Import Sounds button and select the folder.  They'll all be "imported".

To have an event play a random one requires adding each sound as an action to an event (one action that plays a sound, for every sound).  After adding all the sounds, edit the event and press the Action Settings button, then select the appropriate behavior in the Sounds section.

I've been thinking about events, and I hope to remove the whole of the "Sounds" part of Events, and just allow choosing of an audio file for actions.  And implementing your suggestion would be next (and easy, hopefully).


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