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I used your program for three years when I was running tournaments. Not one problem loved the program. Took a three year break and just started running tournaments again. The last two tournaments I have had trouble with the program freezing up when trying to save the tournament when the tournament finished. We use a point system and my players are starting to question me and the program not good. Last night I had auto save on. When I went to save the tournament froze up again. I thought no problem I have auto save on. Nope auto save did not work. This make me look like a fool in front of players. If I want to is there a way to go back to the same program I used three years ago with out the updates?

Corey Cooper:
That is unfortunate that you had issues with the application.  It's possible you're experiencing issues related to this topic:

As far as the auto-save, I've never heard of any issue like that.  Auto-save has been with the application for years and just works.  I would be extremely surprised to find it didn't save your tournament at all.  Are you sure it was enabled?

I am pretty sure yes. It is coloured green. Maybe I can not find it where should I look?

Corey Cooper:
Your tournament would be saved where you chose to save it.  When you enable Auto-save, if your tournament already has a filename, the application will simply begin saving at appropriate times automatically.  If it's a new tournament you've not yet saved, you'll be prompted to select a place and filename to save the tournament.


Just wanted to say thank you. I had my March tournament and the program worked great. I had auto save turned on and half way through the tournament the program froze. I panicked hoping no one noticed. I closed the program and brought back up with no problem. Started right where it froze up. I have complete confidence in the program again. Thank You.


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