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no sound during tournament


Hey guys and gals! I'll start by stating I'm not great with computers! I had to get a new laptop and re downloaded TD and can't get the sound to play during tournament play, what am i doing wrong? If i click on the control tab and scroll down to sound, the volume is all the way up plus I've checked the computer with YouTube to make sure it wasn't the sound on the computer.
Thanks in advance

A little more info, I can manually play the sounds in the control tab they just don't play when they're supposed too when the clock is running. If that makes sense.

Corey Cooper:
Can you save your events as a template and attach it to a reply (press Save Template on the Events tab)?  It's possible sounds work fine but your events just aren't firing when you think they should.

Thanks Corey, While going to events tab to do as you asked i realized i didn't have an event loaded. I feel dumb!Thanks for your help and the great program you've created!


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