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Tournament starts at round 2

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I changed my tournament a bit, so I loaded my last tournament, saved as different file, reset it, added a new first round (right click and insert round before round 1) and saved. Then I bought in players and started the tournament but it starts at my previous round 1 (which is now round 2) instead of my new first round. This happens both if I start the tournament as normal or with countdown.

If I click the Blinds schedule button, it shows the blinds correctly - meaning it includes my new round 1.

I'm pretty sure this is a bug, because if I insert a round before round 2 (or higher) and move it up to round 1, it will start at the newly added round 1 as it should.

Corey Cooper:
To be clear, you're saying that you have a tournament that has not yet started, and you start the tournament, and it begins in round 2?  Have you got a saved tournament to look at?

Yes and yes. Want me to mail it to support@...?

Corey Cooper:
Sure, that works.

Sorry, completely forgot about this. Mailed it to you now.


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