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rebuy OR add-on, not both . . . . option for this?


I don't see this on the game tab, but wondered if tournament can be set up such that someone can either rebuy or add-on, not both.

Can keep track I guess, but wonder if it isn't build in somewhere.

I searched for this in help forum.  Almost surprised I didn't ask this before as I usually allow one or the other, not both.


Corey Cooper:
It's not possible today because the restrictions are limited to the transaction type.  That is, you can limit rebuys based on round or number of players or how many rebuys a player has or how many rebuys total, but nothing to do with add-ons.  Likewise for add-ons.  I've planned to add an "expression" field to both add-ons and rebuys which would allow the more savvy user to write a formula to restrict add-ons and rebuys, just haven't gotten around to it.  I guess this is a "bump" for that functionality.

The Meal:
I'd use this function as well.  Our Standard Tournament allows unlimited rebuys OR one add-on (for those lucky few who didn't have to rebuy).


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