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Adobe Flash with TD 3.42



in Version 3.3. I used a Flash Animation in Title. After update to 3.4.2 the Flash wonīt work. ( with rightclick over the title region there standīs that the file isnīt loaded ).

Is there a trick to load it corretly?

Thanks for answering



Corey Cooper:
Nothing has changed in the TD that would affect flash.  Do you have a sample layout and flash file I can try?

Sure, I have attached a Tournament-File, a Layoutfile and the Flash ( from Flash 8 ) packed as rar-File. It was used 2016 for a tournament and march next year I have to create one more... In Version 3.3. ( tested bevor update to 3.4.2. ) it works perfect. After Update I wonīt working.

Corey Cooper:
Your mileage may vary, but I didn't have any trouble getting it to work.  All I did was make sure the FinaleSPBM1A.swf file was in my "templates" folder, and I changed the following line:

        <param name="movie" value="C:\Users\Dirk\Documents\The Tournament Director 2\Data\saves\FinaleSPBM1A.swf">


        <param name="movie" value="<datastore>\templates\FinaleSPBM1A.swf">

Now, there's no reason an absolute path like you originally had shouldn't work, but I can't say if it was correct or not (if the FinaleSPBM1A.swf file was actually in the "C:\Users\Dirk\Documents\The Tournament Director 2\Data\saves" folder).  It obviously isn't in that folder on my computer, so I had to change the layout to point to the correct place for me.  As soon as I did, it began to work.  So short any other info, I'd say make sure the path is correct.

thanks a lot, so it is working :)


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