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Multiple buy-ins & receipt printer


Hi Corey and all others.
I am experiencing an annoying problem that isn't a major problem. When I buy-in multiple names at once (auto-print enabled fro TD) there are often one or more receipts that do not print (any receipts not printed are then printed by going to the Transactions dialog).
Is this a Windows issue or is this a TD issue?

It appears that TD sends the right amount of print jobs to Windows (but i may be wrong). The Print dialog appears to open the same amount of print jobs being sent by TD (but i may be wrong there too). And, often one or more fail to print.

Corey Cooper:
Could be anything, but given the limited abilities of the TD, I'd look into the print queue and Windows.  What I mean is, the TD can only tell Windows to print the page.  After that it's up to Windows.

Btw, are you using the Auto-print (sending of hotkeys) method, or the new method that bypasses the print dialog altogether?

I am using the Auto-Print that sends a keystroke (%p). What is this new method that bypasses the print dialog?

Corey Cooper:
In 3.4.1 I discovered there was a way to NOT display the system print dialog.  It's an option on the "Printing" category on the Preferences tab.  Since the system print dialog doesn't open, the print job goes straight to the queue and prints without any confirmation.


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