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V3.4.1 Black Screen & TD Will Not Reopen


Had a tourney last night and I received the black screen on a bust out, happens every tourney not usually a problem (annoying) as I just use Task Manager to kill TD and restart. Well I killed TD then clicked on the icon to reload TD. All I got was the spinning arrow like it was loading. Nothing happened and I had to reboot the computer. After reboot I tried again to open TD, same thing spinning arrow. Reboot again, try to open TD again, spinning arrow again. Reboot again and reinstalled same version of TD. I could then open TD and continue the tourney.

Any thoughts?


Corey Cooper:
The not-opening-after-reboot is puzzling.  It sounds like some of the application was corrupted.  Usually when the application won't open, it's usually a preferences issue and so I would suggest deleting the preferences file.  It's rare the code would get corrupted (so rare I'm not sure I've ever heard of it).  Reinstalling the application won't affect your data, including your preferences, so it seems it was unlikely a problem with your preferences.  I'm stumped.

Yeah I'm not sure what was going on. I thought that after rebooting the computer it would def open. I wanted to put this here in case someone else had the same problem they could see what I did to get it back up and going for the tourney.



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