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player movement screen automatically appears


How do I not get the player movement screen to show up after automatic player movement.  I have the box unchecked in preferences behavior that says "show player movement dialog box after automatic seating", but I don't think that is the correct place to fix this (and the player movement screen is showing up when I autoseat).


Corey Cooper:
It's on the Player Movement dialog itself.  Look near the bottom.  The checkbox says "Display Player Movement screen when movement suggestion accepted".  Uncheck it.

sorry, Corey, I am having heck of a time finding this player movement "dialog box".  I have the player movement screen, but at least during a tournament or on the behavior control I don't see any check boxes.

I think I am looking in the wrong place.

Corey Cooper:
When player movement is suggested, the application shows you the Player Movement dialog.  It shows the players that are moving, and where they are currently located and to where they are moving.  You can confirm the movement by pressing the OK button, or deny it by pressing the Cancel button.  You can also line-item approve it by checking/unchecking individual players.  It looks like this:

ahhh, got it, I was looking for a layout screen or a screen behavior screen.  I couldn't figure out that unbalanced tables dialog box was the "player movement" dialog box.   

Thanks, - also thanks for noting line item veto.  I didn't really notice that I could do that.


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