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need help again


I want to edit the Buttons. I will Change Chop to Tables, that i become this view if i push Chop

<tdbutton type="tables" text="Tables" inheritFont="true">


<tdbutton type="tables seatsPerTable="10"" text="Tables" inheritFont="true">

dosent work , what do i wrong ?   "" ? 

What token can i use that i become tables Picture ( Not the F4 Version )   i will balancing table manuel

Corey Cooper:
I think your quotes are just a bit out of whack:

<tdbutton type="tables" seatsPerTable="10" text="Tables" inheritFont="true">

dont work . :)

Corey Cooper:
Oh my, I'm terribly embarrassed that I didn't even LOOK at your token.  I just noticed the incorrect quotation marks and fixed those.   :-[

Are you wanting the Tables tab of the Settings window to open when you press that button?  The best you can do at the moment is to have a button that opens the Settings window, but it won't go to a specific tab.  I can add that functionality but it's not there today.  To have a button that opens the Settings window, use:

<tdButton type="SettingsWindow">


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