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text control for <chips> token


Currently it seems the <chips> token holds control of the font for the chip value in the token itself. (unless I am missing something)

Wondering if that couldn't be left to the global properties or font properties in the layout screen for the cell properties rather than the token.  Seems harder to match fonts working through the token.

Corey Cooper:
This is due to a bug in IE (most early browsers, too, actually) where HTML tables don't inherit font attributes like other HTML elements.  The <chips> token is rendered using HTML tables, and thus the font inside the tables gets reset to the browser's default font settings (Times New Roman, 8pt, or something like that).  Previously, I worked around this using a CSS technique that was unique to IE.  However, it was very inefficient and slowed down rendering the Game window, and sometimes caused errors (IE bugs).  So I made the executive decision to get rid of the inheritance trick and add a way to specify the font attributes directly.  It's less convenient, to be sure, but works better overall.  Just another one of those workarounds that were forced by IE bugs.

 :) figured there was a reason!   :o


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