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Format Countdown Clock?

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Is there a way to remove the preceding zero from the Countdown clock? I'd rather show "4:57:12" rather than "04:57:12", but I don't see a place to format this. My tournament clock cell doesn't show this preceding zero... Make sense?

Looks like it's <clock alwaysShowsHours="true" format="clock"
Change the TRUE to FALSE
or just use "clock"

Great idea, Timmer, but that doesn't work for the countdown. My tournament clock does not show the preceding zero, but the countdown timer does.

On my countdown clock I use ... "clock"
Countdown clock and clock are the same to me anyways

ah, now I understand. There's a feature called "Countdown" that does a countdown until the start of the tournament. That's what I'm referring to, not the actual clock for the rounds during the tournament.


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