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TD.exe a Threat?

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Silver Owl:
I have the latest update of bitdefender with no problem.

Comodo. Deleted the file mid tourny :(

Corey Cooper:

--- Quote from: Mesnik44 on October 10, 2017, 07:29:44 PM ---Comodo. Deleted the file mid tourny :(

--- End quote ---

As unfortunate as that is, it shouldn't have affected the running tournament.  TD.exe basically launches the app and then exits.

Seems pretty clear to me these security products are all using the same virus definitions.  I do hope they all get updated soon.  I'll submit more false-positive reports to these vendors.

Silver Owl:
I'm still using v.3.3 , maybe why i'm not experiencing this.

My TD was also zapped by AVG. I got around it though.


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