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TD.exe a Threat?

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Yes I have the same problem with version 3.4.1, but it's coming from Windows Defender Security Center on Windows 10 Pro.

Corey Cooper:
Thanks for reporting everyone.  If I could ask that you also report the name that your anti-virus software gives the threat, that would be very helpful, too.  For example, Avast and AVG give the detection the name "Win32:Malware-gen".  Most anti-virus vendors ask that the detection name be reported as well.

So far false positive submissions have been made for AVG, Avast, Windows Defender, Comodo, and BitDefender.

Corey Cooper:
Microsoft has responded with a "not malware" reply.  Hopefully Windows Defender will stop tagging TD.exe as malware shortly...

I am using Trend Micro and the program was flagged. If anyone experiences problems with TD.exe just add the folder or application to the exception list under your antivirus program. That will solve the problem.

Corey Cooper:
I've submitted a false positive report to McAfee and Trend Micro.


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