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TD.exe a Threat?

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Three different anti-virus products identify td.exe as a threat and quarantine file. Anyone else encounter this?

Corey Cooper:
Which three?

I've already submitted false-positive reports to AVG and Avast.  Those two should no longer misidentify TD.exe as infected with malware.  For those who demand proof, responses are below.  :)


Thank you for contacting Avast.

Our virus specialists have been working on this problem and the provided file has been whitelisted.

Please check the following articles about Avast virus policy:
- Avast Clean Guidelines:
- Avast File Whitelisting:

With Regards,
The Avast Support Team

Avast Software s.r.o., Enterprise Office Center, Pikrtova 1737/1A, 140 00 Prague 4, Czech Republic


Thank you for contacting AVG.

The detection of provided file by AVG was incorrect, and we can confirm that the file is safe. The detection was removed in a recent AVG update, please wait at least 24 hours.

If the detection persist:

1. Attach the screenshot of virus database version of AVG:

AVG 2016 > Open AVG > Options > About AVG
AVG 2017 > Open AVG > Menu > About
2. Attach the screenshot of the detection of the file as threat by AVG. To create screenshot, please follow the instructions in the below link.

How to create a screenshot

Best regards,

Petr Mik
AVG Customer Care

AVG Customer Care | AVG Knowledge Base | AVG Community

AVG, Avast, Bitdefender. Avira does not show TD as threat but locks registry so when I try to run TD my key is not recognized.

Corey Cooper:
Interesting.  AVG and Avast should stop whenever the latest update is applied.  Can't say for Bitdefender - I'll look into it.  Makes me wonder if all of these anti-virus vendors get their virus definitions from the same place (they likely do).  One would hope that once they recognize a false positive it would be sent back to the provider to update their definitions, and thus all of the vendors using those definitions would get the update...

That's a lot of anti-virus.  Do you actually run all of them?

No, no! I was running AVG when problem surfaced. Tried the others to see if one would not return the false positive as MalwareBytes Anti-Malware had no problem with the file.


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