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After uploading all my TD files to my new computer and trying to load one of my tournaments, I've had a few issues. Some are minor and an easy fix, like I had to go back into layouts and re-add all the background images for some reason. But when I ran a sample tourney, I found out that all my sounds aren't playing properly. When looking through all my events, 6 of my events are showing up as false, and since I created these templates a few years ago, I'm having a hard time deciphering what isn't correct/I need to fix. Below are the false events. If anyone has any advice, it would be greatly appreciated!

Pre-tourney Countdown
Trigger: The clock ticks
Conditions: (state = 1) and (secondsleft = 45)

Shuffle up and deal after break
Trigger: a level starts
Conditions: (state = 2) and (isRound) and ((roundNum = 5) or (roundNum = 10) or (roundNum = 15))

Blinds increase in 2 mins
Trigger: clock ticks
Conditions: (state = 2) and (isRound) and (secondsleft = 120)

Blinds increase
Trigger: A level starts
Conditions: (state = 2) and (isRound) and (secondsleft = 120)

Short Break
Trigger: A level starts
Conditions: (state = 2) and (!isRound)

About to re-commence
Trigger: Clock ticks
Conditions: (state = 2) and (!isRound) and (secondsleft = 60)

So after playing around a bit, I realized I had to click on each sound clip again and browse to the location of the sound clip, like I did with the background pictures. The 6 events listed in the original post still show false, however, I just ran a quick sample tourney and the sounds played. So I guess all is good? :)

Stuart Murray:
All your conditions and triggers seem correct, so would hazard a guess that yes, you were just needing to target your soundfiles to your events.

Corey Cooper:
I would guess that your sound and image files were not in the exact same path on your new computer as they were on the old computer.

Too late now, but I always recommend using the backup and restore feature to get everything from one PC to another.  This only works if you save your audio and images, tournaments, templates, etc, in the default folders that the TD provides, but if you do it will make moving everything pretty simple.


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