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 i see there is a face-book has a tournament director page i don't know if its connected to this forum, and its not me but i think its a g kit could be a good for instance an experienced person could make a video showing them  setting upp u,  for a game how to do thing like setting up the setting up the pages  showing how to make formulas. passing on info of , how to solve problems etc even to show what problems that they are having problems they are me i learn better having as go until i get it right, don't get me wrong i think this forum is the best one i have ever been on with fast  and quick response's and the great support of Corey and the more experience members

sorry this post is stupid it hs nothin to do with tournament director an i apologize for wasting every ones time

Corey Cooper:
Honestly, having a Facebook page and having "how-to" videos is not a bad idea at all.  It's just one I've never embraced for sheer lack of time.  To this day I still try to spend any "TD" time I have on improving the application itself.  Can't say it's the best idea overall but I've always felt it's the best value for the users.  (Plus it's what I like to do best, I have to admit. :) )

 i think every one on this site knows how hard you work o can can tell you that we as your biggest fans  appreciate all the hard work that you do, and the very quick response's so spend a little time  and  enjoy your family

I heartily agree! Cory is the hardest-working man in Poker!  :)


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