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We have an 18 tournament season, twice a month for 9 months. Only the best 16 weeks count towards the year end prizes, 4 WSOP seats (you drop your 2 low scores). I haven't been able to figure out how to not count/ignore the 2 lowest scores, which could happen more than 2 times, but would only be dropped twice. Anybody have any thoughts.


Points are: 1st =13 points; 2nd =11 points; 3rd =10 points; 4th =9 points;
5th =8 points; 6th =7 points; 7th =6 points, 8th =5 points; 9th =4 points;
10th =3 points; 11th -- 16th =2 points; and 17th and above = 1 point.

Corey Cooper:
For your Overall Score formula:

sum(top(16, listpoints))

Thanks Corey. :)


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