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TD3 suddenly stopped printing receipts


It tries but it's sending an almost empty job to the printer. The html receipt it stores in the receipt folder is correct but when I check the print queue, the file is just 1608 bytes. See attachment for the printer queue. So the printer basically roll up one (empty) line and that's it.

I've also tried other receipts, with the same result. If I open the receipt in Chrome and print from there, it works fine.

Uninstall update KB4022719. This update screwed up my printer too

Corey Cooper:
I haven't yet installed this update as I'm trying to get 3.4 done, but I'll be diagnosing this one shortly to see if there's anything I can do in the application to fix it.


--- Quote from: jodybingo on June 30, 2017, 02:01:53 PM ---Uninstall update KB4022719. This update screwed up my printer too

--- End quote ---

That solved it, thanks Jody!

Corey Cooper:
So this has been acknowledged as a known issue for the update that jodybingo mentioned:

It is a potential issue for all of the following updates:

* Cumulative security update 4021558 for Internet Explorer 11
* Monthly rollup 4022726 for Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2
* Monthly rollup 4022719 for Windows 7 SP1 and Server 2008 RS SP1 There is a workaround listed in the above article, and it is to install KB4032782.  They don't recommend it, however, because it actually removes a security update.  So you will have to make your own decision as to whether or not you should install this fix.  I believe the security flaw affects Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge.  So if you use a different web browser, such as Chrome or Firefox, it sounds like you're safe from the security flaw.

Another user of the TD found a possible workaround that can be applied to the code.  Once I am able to reproduce this issue, I'll try the workaround and include it in 3.4 if it works.

Edit: Looks like they've issued a fix, but just for Windows 10 at this point:

Scroll down into the article just a bit and you'll find links to the patches, apparently for different versions of Windows 10.


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