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3.4b3 blank screen problem


Silver Owl:
Hi Corey,
I loaded the 3.4 beta 3 and am having screen problems. After having the TD loaded for 5-10 minutes I will get a blank black screen when clicking a random tab, after it happens the first time every other tab I try to open I get a blank black screen. I had this happen a couple times before in the past couple of months and didn't have time to really figure out if I was doing something wrong or not. I just went back to 3.3 and continued with the tournament. I had some time today and loaded 3.4b3 again and am having the same black screen issue. Any ideas?

Silver Owl:
Obviously my search skills leave a lot to be desired. I just looked thru some threads and see that this is an issue without a fix. I will just go back to 3.3 unless there is something you want me to try to give you some info about the problem. I don't have a tournament until next weekend so i can do some testing if needed.

Corey Cooper:
No worries.  Unfortunately I believe this is an Internet Explorer bug, so I think it is still an issue even in older version of the TD.  However, newer versions of the TD might have code that exacerbates the issue.


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