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How to make gradient colored clock numbers?


Corey Cooper:
Unfortunately at the moment I don't think you can. The rendering engine is currently stuck in IE7 mode, and the filters and effects available at that level don't include gradient for text (only for backgrounds).  Hopefully we'll move past this to a modern rendering engine in the not-too-distant future.

Corey Cooper:
I spoke a little too soon, as a certain amount of this may be possible.  Whether or not it works for you depends on what you're trying to accomplish.  Take a look at the built-in layout "Minimalist" to see how I used it.  I can look into your specific use of it a little later (currently I'm out of town on a holiday).

I would like the numbers on the clock to be crayed out like in the example picture. How could this be done?

Corey Cooper:
I think unfortunately it's not possible in your situation.  For the Minimalist layout, the numbers fade to black using a gradient, on top of a black background.  I accomplished this by placing a div that uses a gradient over the numbers.  The div effectively goes from transparent to black, making the numbers appear to fade away at the bottom.  Your example layout has an image in the background of the numbers.  That image would also fade away using the technique I'm describing.  If it was a solid black background, I believe it could be done.


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