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Corey Cooper:
You are correct, the <seatingchart> token was updated to accommodate the player images feature.  If I recall correctly, the token previously displayed the data in a HTML table format, but unlike the Seating Chart page where tables are rendered in fixed sizes, the <seatingchart> token just creates them using HTML tables and allows the rendering engine to decide how wide each column in the HTML table is (based on contents).  So, if you've got two tables left in the tournament, one could be rendered with a wide "name" column because one player has a long name, while the other table could be much more narrow because all of the players have 3-letter names.  I took the opportunity to rewrite that token so the columns are fixed size and tables would then be uniform.  Column widths are determined by font size.

I try to not make changes like this, but sometimes they are necessary.  I realize they will cause some pain in the short term, but they're better in the long term, I believe.  An alternative would have been to leave the <seatingchart> token as-is and create a new token, but that can also be a problem with maintenance.

As to a fix, or workaround: I added the attribute width="200" and that seemed to do the trick. 

Awesome, thanks Corey.


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