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So, I've been playing with 3.4b3 and everything is good, except one layout screen. I'm using a slightly modified version of jimstr's Metallic skin, and on the pregame countdown screen the seating table is out of wack. I've attached to pics, one from v3.3 and one from v3.4b3 to see the difference.

Unfortunately I don't know how to correct the issue. There are no changes to the layouts between them, they both use the following:
<seatingChart format="diagram" showChipCounts="true" tableEdgeFont='{"Name":"Tahoma","Size":22,"Bold":true,"Italic":false,"Color":"#fff","BGColor":"transparent","Underline":false}' tableBodyFont='{"Name":"Tahoma","Size":16,"Bold":false,"Italic":false,"Color":"#fff","BGColor":"transparent","Underline":false}'>

Obviously the seatingChart format has changed, but I'm unsure where/how to make adjusts to it. Reducing the column or cell size has no effect. I can reduce the font to get it to fit back, but then the text is too small. What I really need to adjust is the space between the Player Name and Chip Count, but I can't see that variable anywhere.

One other thing, if I can make it work by removing the chip count, but it doesn't look as nice :)

Any help appreciated.

Thanks Fred

looks like two different screen size....first one 1920 x 1080   2nd 1656 x 702

thanks for the reply Timmer, the screen size is the same (1920x1080) the 2nd pic is just cropped :)

Corey Cooper:
Can you post the exported layout so we can work with it?


Sure thing. I'll post it when I get home from work.


Exported Layout attached


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