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IGNORE button in property sets panel


Hi.  I think it would be really useful if there was an IGNORE button beside the New, Copy, Rename etc buttons in the Property Sets box with "Cell Properties."


You're playing about with different property sets and they're not quite right, or you have maybe two or three different ideas that you want to trial.  Currently if you didn't want one or more of them to be effective you could change the conditions so that they only take effect at level 9999 or whatever. You might also want to change the name of the property set ("blinds, odd levels not in use", say) as otherwise later on you have no indication that they're not currently operative.

What if you could just highlight the property set and click "ignore" and that a) makes the set "inactive" and b) updates the property set name to reflect this?

How about if instead of an ignore button, just including the word IGNORE in the property set name did the same thing?

Or have a dedicated condition that will do this?

Just a thought.

Corey Cooper:
I like this idea.  I'll put it on my to-do list.

To be honest you could sit on that To Do list for five years and this'll still be the best poker tourney software around.


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