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Can you tell us when the final version 3.4 will be available ?

Corey Cooper:
"When it's done."

Seriously, it's all about finding time to complete the work.  At this point, there are really only three features left: (1) Status Updates changes to support JSON and player information; (2) More complete integration with one of the TD's partner sites; (3) ICM support for chops.

(1) and (2) were the important ones I committed to finishing for 3.4, and (3) was really just a bonus.  (1) was completed last week.  (2) is awaiting information from the partner.  If I can't get the info in time, I'll cancel (2) and do it as 3.4.1 if necessary.  I'm starting work on (3) while I wait for (2).

thank you

Is there a way to rotate player photos in TD????

Corey Cooper:
Nope, not yet anyway (I might add that in the future).  You'll have to rotate them outside of the TD.  Of course, just double-clicking a photo in Windows Explorer should open it in the Windows Photo Viewer, which has buttons for rotating the image.


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