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Looks like you changed the html formatting for stats export? Or am I missing a setting?

Corey Cooper:
No, I don't recall changing the formatting for any exports.  What I did change was the header of each export.  But that shouldn't have changed the formatting.  What are you seeing?

Differences report attached. The one on the left is the beta2 export, one on the right beta3. Not a big deal, I just didn't see anything about it in the release notes... I should have modified the template for my own use instead of being lazy and formatting the page after export! I've also attached the results using both versions. They are definitely different, and it affects my league's webpage format... again, not asking for a change; it just caught me off guard.

Corey Cooper:
Great data.  Thank you for including that.  So helpful.

After looking at it, I think the changes fall into these categories:

- Changes to support player images.  Mostly this is the code for sorting players.  Nothing really visible.

- Structural changes in the body of the page.  These are equivalent changes, meaning although the HTML code changed, the output should really be no different than it was before.  The page is using a series of HTML <div> elements instead of HTML <table>s.

- Header changes.  The header of the page looks different, yes, but this doesn't affect the list of players.

- Font, font size, and line spacing.  The font was changed from Tahoma to Segoe UI, since that change was made in the application itself (in beta 2 I believe).  Also, the exports now use the same font size as is used in the application (since it is now user modifiable).  Additionally, the new line spacing preference used in the application (also user modifiable) is respected by the exports.  This is likely the change that is most noticeable.

Don't forget that whether or not you want your export to use these changes is entirely up to you.  You can make copies of the template and modify them to your heart's content.  But yes, the default export templates changed, and if you modified the supplied templates (without copying them or renaming them) then they'll be written over by the new ones.

Thanks for pointing this out.  I'll try to include this in the final release notes.

Great, awesome explanation... thanks again, Corey!


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