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I have the older version of this app from 10 years ago.  I am wondering about the conversion to the new one and how it handles the data transfer etc.  I am also on an older laptop with this running windows XP.  Are there issues with the new version running under XP?

Corey Cooper:
I have always coded the application to be as backwards compatible as possible.  That means that you should be able to upgrade from any old version to any new version fairly seamlessly.  That is, the application should be able to automatically upgrade data from older versions to the current version.  There are some caveats, but for the most part this is still the case.

You didn't mention what version you are currently using, but the best course of action is to take a backup of your data first, including preferences, and then upgrade.  To go a bit further, you can actually make a copy of the application folder (where the application is installed) also, to be able to return to the previous version if you absolutely need to.  If I recall correctly, the backup feature was available as far back as version 2.0, but it might be version 2.1 or something close to 2.0.

As far as I know, any version of the application should work on Windows XP, although I can't guarantee that.


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