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I am not sure if this is a Beta problem but I have a tourney where I register players for a major event. I set the tourney file as Default Tournament in the Config Files tourney. When I start TD the recent changes (added players and seat assignment) does not show up properly and I have to Load the tournament.
Side note:
I have a laptop with TD running almost 24/7 used for registration and we connect using VNC. When I open my copy of TD on my laptop using the same datastore as the TD hosting the tourney the above happens. If I recall correctly this also happens from the laptop hosting the tourney. We have to load the tdt file directly and can't rely on setting the tdt as default tourney

Corey Cooper:
If you set the default tournament, the tournament will be loaded when you create a New tournament, and the tournament will be reset.  That means buy-ins undone for all players, and all players unseated.  Sounds like you will probably just need to load your "default" tournament file manually.

Corey Cooper:
By the way, that's the way the software has always worked.

There is currently a request to add a button "Load Template" on the Game tab.  The function would be identical to loading a tournament, except once the tournament is loaded the filename is cleared, thus forcing the user to "Save As..."  This would reduce the chance you accidentally write over your "template".  That might serve the same functionality that you're looking for.


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