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WORKAROUND for issue: Missed keystrokes, mouse clicks, stuttering

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Grab the process explorer, in that (a bit complicated) tool you can check the I/O of various tasks and see what is accessing the harddrive. There will be a lot going on and filtering necessary until the usual noise is gone.

Mind also that windows does some indexing work from time to time.


--- Quote from: Corey Cooper on February 08, 2017, 05:24:01 PM ---Well that is definitely unfortunate.  Especially since this feels like the cause of the issue.  This part, however, does sound like something entirely different:

--- Quote ---The timer also takes 15-20 seconds to catch up.
--- End quote ---

The input lag (typing / mouse clicking) is indicative, for sure.  But I've not experienced the clock trying to "catch up".  Particularly since it runs off of the system clock.  If rendering gets behind, it will simply appear to "skip" displaying some seconds, but it won't ever actually get behind.  Maybe that's what you're describing.
my keys nd mouse was playing up so I went to device manger opened up the mouse and th key board, when opened the files up went into the drivers in there you can choose the option to search for new driver files and it will up-date the drivers to the latest ones available my mouse and key board are much better now

It's too bad really.  I'm sure you were thorough, but any chance you could give it another go?  The only thing I think that isn't entirely clear is that file name extensions can make identifying the correct file difficult (for some), although it [mshta.exe] should be the only file in that folder by that name.  I left file extensions off in my screenshots, because that's the default for Windows, but I turn them on for any machine on which I work.  Could never understand why it's OK to have a dozen files with the same name, with the 3-character extension being the only difference, but having extensions hidden by default.

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