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I want to use a token for the break screen. Instead of displaying "Break" i want to display something else here. How do I do this?


Corey Cooper:
There are a couple of ways you can do this.  One way is to edit the layout and set the text to whatever you want.  Briefly, that would be:

- On the layout tab, edit the Blinds cell (double-click it)
- Select the Breaks Property Set
- Change the Contents from <breaktext> to whatever you'd like to display

Another way to do it is to set the value of the <breaktext> token on a per-break basis.  To do that:

- On the Rounds tab, edit a Break level (double-click it)
- Press the Edit Tokens button
- Add a new token by pressing the New button
- Enter breaktext as the token name
- In the Text field enter the text you'd like to display

The advantage to the first method is you've made a permanent change to the layout so the text you wish to change "Break" to is changed for every break.  The disadvantage is that if you decide to change layouts, you'll have to make a similar change to the layout.

The advantage to the second method is you've don't have to change the layout.  In fact, the change will work with any layout you choose.  The disadvantage is that it is only for a single break level.  You'll have to make a similar change for each break.  Another advantage is you can make the text different for any given break.

Thank You!!



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