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Not sure if this is already a feature but I think it would be a very convenient feature to have.  Having some sort of access to the tournament that is being run on an app through your smartphone could be very helpful.  As someone who runs tournaments alone, I cannot be near the computer at all times.  Being able to have some limited ability such as busting players, adding rebuys, changing levels, etc from the phone could make a tournament run easier.  Also, showing the current level and the timer in case the board is out of view.  Not sure how others feel about this, but it could be very helpful in my opinion.

Hello. There is a workaround to what you wold like to do. I have doe this for many years.

Install a remote access program on your computer and one on your cell. You can connect to your computer from your phone/tablet as though you were in front of it.

TightVNC is my VNC of choice (Teamviewer is also very popular)

Corey Cooper:
Used to use VNC but haven't in quite some time.  People do swear by TightVNC.  I personally use TeamViewer all the time.  From another PC, from an iPad, from my phone.  Works great.  Not as convenient as a dedicated app, certainly, but until the TD is ported to a new framework a client app is simply not possible.

Thank you both very much.  This has been helpful.  I downloaded TightVNC and so far so good.  I will also try TeamViewer to see which I prefer more.  Thanks again!

Thank you for this information and Teamviewer is really great choise.


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