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So I'm about to start a new season and since I bought a new laptop under Mr. Cooper's recommendation I'm using the newest beta version, which is working fine.

I did run into a small glitch, though.  Nothing that keeps me from using the software, but I cannot change the colours of any layouts.  I have several because it just keeps my home game interesting - changing with the seasons, special events, holidays, etc.

I am able to change font, font size, and so on.  Clicking on 'background' brings me to the next step without a problem, but then nothing happens when I click 'color'.  Oddly enough, the new option 'invert color' works, but that's it. 

It's nothing major; we still can play our game.  Anyone else have this issue?


Corey Cooper:
Sounds to me like the same "Common Dialog" issue where the load/save dialogs don't work.  The same control displays file browser dialogs (load/save), the color selection dialog, and the font selection dialog.  If that control doesn't work, none of those dialogs will work.

This is not a huge deal for font or colors, but pretty crippling for file dialogs.  Particularly since color selection can still happen by putting in the RGB color value (inconvenient but works), and font selection is built into the application now as well (the font selection is a drop-down list of fonts).  So in fact you can change the colors, but it's just a bit more tedious.  Just google "RGB color picker" and you'll find plenty of tools for selecting a color.  Then just copy the RGB value (#323DB8, for example) and paste it into the color selection in the TD.

Got it, done, and thanks!


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