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Late registration timer


I can set the layout to show the timer till next break but my problem is that late registration last until the end of the break.

Is there any way i can target a specific round of level and show a countdown for it?

It would be good to use for special feature to do on a specific round or any other option like that the Director could have a use for.

So far i didn't find anyway to do this.

Exemple: Lets say break is after round 4 by my late registration last until round 6. I want to show the countdown until the end of round 6 (or start of round 7)
Any Help?

Corey Cooper:
I looked at the various options, convinced there was something already there, but it doesn't look like it.  This sounds like an easy and useful layout token.  I'll make it happen for the final version of 3.4.

I'm thinking something like:

<timeUntil round="4">

<timeUntil break="3" end="true">

<timeUntil level="5">

And any other variations I can think of.  Plus attributes you'll find in similar tokens, like format and showSeconds, etc. (See <rebuyTimeLeft> for example.)

Cant wait to have thoses options soon with the 3.4 coming out, thanks

Corey Cooper:
It's in 3.4 beta 3, if using the beta works for you.


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