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Omaha Hi Low


Kerry George DeVore:
Need some confirmation on  a ruling I made.

Player 1 had 6 7 Jack Jack         Player 2 had Ace 2 King 8      Player 3 had Ace 3 4 Queen     Player 4 had Ace Ace 3 King     The board was 2  3  4  5  Queen

The ruling was player 1 get 1/2 the pot for high hand. While Players 2, 3 & 4 split 1/2 the pot for low hand. Was this correct?

Appears so.

To deal PLO8 I think you need a helmet. To keep your head from exploding.

Kerry George DeVore:
I give up. What is PLO8? Pot Limit Omaha something?

Pot Limit Omaha Hi/Lo Split 8 or better


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